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Former Mythic CEO founds social developer

Mark Jacobs returns with City State Entertainment

Ex-Mythic CEO Mark Jacobs has announced the foundation of a new casual gaming enterprise: City State Entertainment.

Based in Fairfax, Virginia, Jacobs' new outfit will create mobile and tablet titles for the casual market, Forbes reports.

"I'm tired of strings and being told what to do by other people," Jacobs told Forbes. "We're a very collaborative group where we talk about everything, and that's what you need if you really want to be successful."

"Social games are certainly a lot easier to develop than a traditional game, let alone an MMO. And because of the faster development cycle and the lower costs, we have a lot more freedom in what we want to do.

"We don't have to worry if the hardcore gamers are going to get incredibly upset because we're doing something a certain way. We don't have to worry if our game is going to sell another 20 copies. We're just looking to make fun, enjoyable games."

Jacobs began putting together plans for City State as soon as his one-year non-competition clause with Mythic owners EA expired. Jacobs tenure there ended abruptly amid clashes with management over creative control, but Jacobs is keen to avoid that happening again.

"At the end of the day, when you take other people's money, you have to do what they tell you to do; I've done that before, and a lot of times it's cost me." 

Jacobs is also keen to make sure that his company doesn't follow some of the games industry's other established practices.

"I didn't want this studio to be the old boys' club," Jacobs told Forbes. "I was looking for, and continue to look for, a mix of people that represent a much more diverse segment of the gaming population - whether that's women, young people, whoever - and, to be very blunt, not just 'old white guys.' I want people who can come in and bring in their different perspectives, and their ideas for new games and features."

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