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Peak Games raises $11.5 million in funding round

Social game developer looking to expand in South America, Mexico

Peak Games raises $11.5 in funding round

Social game developer looking to expand in South America, Mexico

Peak Games, which primarily develops for Facebook, has announced a successful round of funding, raising $11.5 million from Earlybird Venture Capital.

The company hopes to use the capital to expand operations in South America and Mexico, pursuing a strategy of localisation and region-specific development in order to emulate previous success in North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, reports Inside Social Games.

"We've done two strategy core studio acquisitions," said chief strategy officer Rina Onur. "We want to reach 100 people in our [new] Oman office. The rest is going to be talent and studio acquisitions in Turkey and the Middle East."

Peak acquired single-game studios Umaykut and Erikhan recently, both of which are based in Turkey, using their strategy experience to expand the company portfolio. The company has also secured the licence to bring RockYou's Zoo World 2 to Turkey.

"Peak Games has been so successful in this region because international companies have been pushing games in English or in poorly localized versions in Arabic and Turkish," explained Onar. "Our focus is these emerging markets, so our [games] are highly polished. I think that's one of the secret sauces to our success. We have aspirations of developing Arabic-specific games for the region as well."