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Konami: UK games pricing is poor

European president Kunio Neo criticises retail strategies

Konami's European president Kunio Neo has spoken out against the trend for aggressive discounts and competitive pricing in the UK.

"UK games pricing is very poor," Neo told MCV.

"Retailers are always reducing prices and the profits for publishers are getting smaller. The UK is really suffering. And he said that Konami is far from the worst-off publisher in this situation."

He also suggested that Germany, where Konami's European operations are situated, isn't experiencing the same culture of price slashing.

"We're based in Germany and despite the economic conditions in many other countries, Germany is doing alright. So we're not as affected as a US publisher that has a UK office. They're suffering because they focus their sales on the UK."

The report also included comments from the publishers European general manager of sales, Martin Schneider.

"I am envious of my opposite numbers in France and Germany - they never have to have the conversations I have. I get many calls giving me grief when our games are discounted, but there's nothing I can do. Legally I can't make them put prices up."

Last month Konami's financial results showed a 4.3 per cent rise for Q1.

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