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Webzen and Red 5 end legal dispute

Tussle over Korean marketing ends with companies parting ways

Korean online operator Webzen and Firefall developer Red 5 have settled their legal dispute over the marketing of Red 5 in Asia, deciding to withdraw all filings and settle out of court.

Originally, Webzen had been signed by Red 5 to market, publish and operate Firefall in Korea but Webzen felt that the company fell short of its marketing obligations and sued, having attempted to curtail the arrangement.

Webzen will no longer be associated with Firefall, but will be compensated for the investment it had already made in the game, as well as receiving a portion of revenues for a fixed period.

Red 5 CEO Mark Kern appealed for players' support following the resolution of the situation.

"Given the resolution of all disputes and conflicts between our two companies I would like to ask for our fans, especially Chinese and Korean gamers, continuous encouragement and support of Firefall and Red 5."

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