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Take-Two QA "wage abuse" case seeking more plaintiffs

Tester alleges sub-minimum wage payments and excessive hours

A class action lawsuit filed against publisher Take Two regarding its treatment of QA staff requires additional plaintiffs if it is to proceed.

Californian law firm Righetti & Glugoski filed the suit on behalf of former visual concepts QA tester Aaron Martinez, based on his allegations that the publisher "engaged in a uniform policy and systemic scheme of wage abuse" while he worked there in 2006-2007, and that he and similar staff were required to "consistently... work off-the-clock," in some cases with meals and rests denied.

The suit also alleges that some QA staff "were not receiving at least minimum wage for compensation."

However, more testers prepared to support these allegations are required if the case is to proceed, reports Gamasutra. Potential plaintiffs are asked to contact class action administrator Gilardi and Co. LLC. If sufficient headcounts are found, the lawsuit will have its first court hearing in March 2012.

A PDF detailing the class action suit is available here.

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