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Flurry: Gen X pays, Gen Y plays

Mobile analytics company shows 77 per cent of spending from players aged 25 to 54

Mobile analytics company Flurry has published data indicating that, when it comes to the freemium business model, "Gen Y plays, but Gen X pays."

According to a report on Flurry's blog, players aged between 13 and 34 spent the most minutes playing, accounting for 83 per cent of the time invested by the total sample.

However, players aged between 25 and 54 generated 77 per cent of all in-app purchases. The 18 - 24 demographic, which spent the most time actually playing, ranked only third in terms of money spent.

The study also notes that the 13 - 17 demographic - often the target audience for Freemium games on mobile platforms - generated 5 per cent of the total money spent.

The data was taken from a sample of iOS and Android freemium games, played by over 20 million users across more than 1.4 billion sessions.

Data released by Flurry in July indicated that more than 65 per cent of revenue from the Top 100 apps in the App Store is generated by freemium games. The company also placed the average consumer spend on freemium games at $14.

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