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PSN, Qriocity move under new 'Sony Entertainment Network' umbrella

Hirai announces "comprehensive global platform" for Sony download services

Console-maker Sony has rebranded its PlayStation download services, including PSN, as the 'Sony Entertainment Network.'

Audio download service Qriocity will also move under the new umbrella, but will be retiled to Music Unlimited. The PlayStation 3's Video On Demand channel, meanwhile, is to be renamed Video Unlimited.

PSN for both PlayStation 3 and PSP (and presumably Vita come the new handheld's launch) will retain its name but be 'realigned' as part of the new platform, which is intended to "accelerate the integration of hardware, content, and network," according to Sony's consumer products boss Kazuo Hirai.

"We're leveraging the biggest asset, the Sony brand, to establish a comprehensive, global platform called Sony Entertainment Network," stated Hirai at the IFA trade show last night (as reported by CNET).

Sony plans to open up the service to third-parties, as well as taking it to other of its consumer electronic devices. Music Unlimited is already available for most Android phones. "The whole of Sony is greater than the sum of its parts," claimed Hirai.

More details on the Sony Entertainment Network are available on its new website.

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