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Viacom wants $131m refund from Harmonix stockholders

Legal battle continues as Viacom files a new lawsuit against Rock Band shareholders

Viacom is suing former Harmonix shareholders, claiming they owe it a $131 million refund.

According documents published by Hollywood Reporter the company, which owned Rock Band developer Harmonix until earlier this year, paid around $150 million to Harmonix shareholders in performance related bonuses.

"This action arises from defendants' failure to return to Viacom their shares of a $131,827,980 contractual overpayment (the "Overpayment") to which they are not entitled."

Viacom claims that payment was the result of miscalculations, and the shareholders were only entitled to $18 million. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware federal court, also claims the defendants are in breach of the Merger Agreement.

The Harmonix shareholders actually filed a lawsuit against Viacom last year, claiming the company manipulated Rock Band figures to cap their earn-out payment, and say the original $150 million payment was insufficient.

Viacom acquired Harmonix in 2006. It sold Harmonix in February, and the studio was picked up by private investment group Colombus Nova.

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