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Rovio: We're not a games company

Angry Birds publisher moving into books as well as films and toys

Peter Vesterbacka, head of Rovio Mobile Ltd, told the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference that Rovio isn't a games company.

"What we are building is a next-generation entertainment franchise," he told attendees.

"I think we're the fastest growing consumer franchise ever. We're working on new Angry Birds experiences and we'll expose a bit more of the Angry Birds story."

Vesterbacka, whose title at the company is "Mighty Eagle" also revealed the company's plans for a book series.

"It's the Angry Birds cookbook. We'll have three different books coming out this year and we're self-publishing because we can."

"If you are strong brand, if you have a strong following of fans you can do anything."

The company also sells Angry Birds toys, and is in the process of producing a full length animated film based on the game.

Rovio's Angry Birds title has been downloaded 300 million times, and has around 120 million active users on mobile platforms, and is also available on PlayStation 3 and through the Chrome browser.

The Finnish company recently valued itself "north of Popcap."

It's currently involved in a lawsuit with Lodsys LLC.

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