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Ubisoft EU reports "eight-fold" increase in 3DS software sales

Other publisher less enthused, says 3DS "definitely dead" if first-party games fail to spike sales

Ubisoft has seen a marked improvement in sales of its 3DS software since the hardware price-cut.

Speaking to Germany, Ubisoft's European marketing and sales director Geoffrey Sardin reported an "eight-fold" increase in software sales in Europe.

"We are very pleased with the developement," Sardin noted.

Ralf Wirsing, managing director of Ubisoft Germany, was also pleased, attributing a 700 per cent spike in German software sales to the 3DS price-point of €159.

After the price cut of 3DS, our unit sales increased eight-fold in Europe. We are very pleased with the developement

Geoffrey Sardin, Ubisoft

However, a representative from another major third-party publisher - who wished to remain anonymous - was less enthusiastic, emphasising the importance of first-party titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land to the future of the platform.

"So far retail is not euphoric," he said. "The fact that 3DS-software is still treated with great caution in the initial and repeat orders, we see that retail waits for the commercial development."

"It will be important to watch 3DS when the big Nintendo-titles are out there on holiday season. If the machine does not sell then, it´s definitely dead."

Last week's UK sales chart showed only one 3DS game in the top 40, despite many retailers selling the 3DS at less than half of its launch price.

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