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Namco Bandai sees 8.1% rise in games division

Revenues for area up to ¥35.6 billion (£283m) as company sees 3DS success

Namco Bandai has published a quarterly financial report which shows sales for the division which houses games sales up by 8.1 per cent, with revenues of ¥35.6 billion (£283m).

The company doesn't break down revenues and profits to games specifically, as the "content" division also houses network and visual and music content. However, the sector's figures are largely the result of game sales.

The sector had an operating income of ¥519 million (£4.1m) for the quarter, with full year prjojections expected to be more than 200 per cent of last year's.

The breakdown figures also showed the company experiencing increased success in the handheld market, largely thanks to good sales of One Piece Unlimited Cruise, Tales of the Abyss and Ridge Racer on 3DS, as well as Super Robot Wars on PSP.

Of the company's 3,377,000 overall sales worldwide, 1,831,000 came from handheld platforms this year, compared to 979,000 last year. Console and PC sales were down to 1,546,000 from 2,174,000 for Q1 last year.

However, individually, PS3 and Xbox 360 are still the most popular platforms, selling 657,000 and 651,000 units respectively.