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Vita dev kits freely available to indies

Sony issues free kit to Icon Games, Vita CPU rumoured to be from Samsung

Sony is making Vita dev kits freely available to indie studios, VG247 reports.

Posting on the NeoGaf forum under the name "Rubicon", a representative from Great Little War Game developer Icon Games championed Sony's "good attitude towards Indies."

"We showed them our game, they liked it loads and thought it a good fit for their machine, so they sent us four kits. Gratis. Just like that," the post read.

In a later post, Rubicon praised the Vita as "everything you'd like it to be" and predicted that Sony's app store would, "start filling up in the same way the iOS one has. Nintendo can learn a lot from [Sony's] attitude."

Rumours have also surfaced that the Vita's central processing unit is being manufactured by Samsung.

According to a report on Andriasang, the website of Japanese trade paper The Semiconductor Industry News revealed that the CPU would be 45 nanometer. Similar chips are used in the latest iterations of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 due their reduced power consumption.

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