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Sony DADC opens two interim locations in aftermath of London riots

Teams up with Cert Octavian and Cinram after warehouse fire

Sony DADC has signed collaboration agreements with Cinram and Cert Octavian to operate interim warehouse locations after its Enfield warehouse burned down during the London riots.

Around 80 per cent of Enfield's products are now stored and distributed from Cert Octavian's Hoddesdon site, while the rest will be handled by Cinram in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. All of the Enfield staff will remain employees of DADC.

"Our staff members have been incredibly supportive, often working extended hours to make a fast contingency solution happen as quickly and smoothly as possible," said Darren Houghton, managing director of UK distribution

Sony DADC also reports that effects on customers was limited.

"By utilizing a multi-site approach, it guaranteed that not a single order or EDI (= Electronic Data Interchange) was lost, and all IT systems and services were up and running and not affected by the fires," explained Houghton.

The fire on August 8 destroyed property worth in excess of £30 million. The site handled distribution of Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs.

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