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Bethesda lawyers threaten Minecraft creator

Publisher alleges Scrolls game infringes on copyright

Lawyers acting for Elder Scrolls and Fallout publisher Bethesda have sent a legal letter to Minecraft creator Markus Persson for allegedly breaching trademarks.

According to Persson, the issue is over the name 'Scrolls', currently the title of the fantasy card game in development by his company, Mojang.

"Just got a letter from Bethesta's [sic] lawyers," wrote Notch on Twitter. "They claim 'Scrolls' infringes on their trademark and everyone will confuse it with Skyrim."

He also tweeted an photo of the legal documents, said that he still loves Bethesda games and "this is hopefully just lawyers being lawyers."

He is also expected to update his personal blog this weekend with further details.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is due for release this November.

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