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Robbie Bach joins Sonos board

Former Microsoft exec appointed to the board of internet audio company

Former Microsoft executive Robbie Bach has joined the board of the internet audio company Sonos Inc, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Bach was asked to join the company by CEO and founder John McFarlane, and accepted due to his existing use of Sonos products, which allow wireless audio streaming in the home.

"Part of what makes the product magical is it's really easy to use," Bach said in an interview.

Sonos expects revenue of $250 million this year, and Bach will primarily advise on marketing and retail issues.

Bach left Microsoft last year after more than two decades at the company. During that time he rose to the role of president of the entertainment and devices division, and was one of the key players in the creation of the Xbox.

Since then, he has advised on the boards of the non-profit oraginisation the Boys & Girls Club of America and the US Olympic Committee.

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