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Japanese 3DS sales drop 50 per cent

Weekly sales tumble following price-cut, PSP reclaims top spot

Sales of the 3DS in Japan have dropped by half since Nintendo announced its decision to cut the price, Andriasang reports

The handheld sold 16,415 units last week, compared to 31,826 units the week before, with four of the seven days covered fell after the announcement.

The price drop won't come into effect until August 11, and sales of the 3DS are expected to decline further until then.

The Sony PSP led the hardware charts with 36,659 units sold, up from 26,854 the week before. Sales of the DSi XL, DSi and DS continued to stagnate, selling 5,267 units, 4,625 units and 138 units respectively.

The PlayStation 3 was the most popular console with 20,704 units, followed by the Wii with 18,232 units, and the Xbox 360 with 1,616 units sold.

In the software chart, Everyone's Rhythm Heaven held the top-spot with 81,938 units sold. Operation Flash Point: Red River and Dungeon Siege 3 both made the top 20, entering at 11th and 18th place respectively.

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