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3DS and Wii U to support paid DLC

Iwata confirms paid item transactions for 3DS by the end of the year

Nintendo has confirmed that developers for the 3DS and the Wii U will have the option to include paid item transactions in their games.

Speaking during a call with investors - reported by Andriasang - Satoru Iwata said that the system would be in place for 3DS developers by the end of the year.

However, while Iwata expressed interest in extending the life of a game through added stages, he questioned the value of the concept to Nintendo's products. He used unlocking keys and stat increases as examples of low quality paid items that would damage the company's relationship with its customers, even if they did boost profits in the near term.

Profits will be very much on the minds of Nintendo's investors following the release of a Q1 financial report that reduced the company's earnings forecast by 82 percent, resulting in a sharp decline in stock value and Iwata taking a 50 percent pay cut.

Iwata stated that growing Nintendo's digital business will be a key focus over the next three years. The company wishes to make the e-Shop into a larger presence in the habits of its consumers, and increase online transactions by 5 to 10 percent over current levels.

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