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Sony and LG bring patent dispute to a close

The two companies strike a cross-licensing deal for the affected devices

The patent dispute between Sony and Korean manufacturer LG has been brought to an end.

The trouble began last December when Sony accused LG of violating several patents with its mobile devices, filing a complaint with the ITC and launching a federal court case.

LG hit back with a civil suit in February, demanding that shipments of the PlayStation 3 to the US be halted due to infringed patents relating to the playback of Blu-ray discs.

In March, European customs forces were ordered to confiscate shipments of PlayStation 3s after LG won a preliminary 10-day injunction against Sony, with Dutch customs reportedly seizing tens of thousands of consoles.

Now, the two companies have struck a cross-licensing deal and agreed to drop their respective lawsuits. However, details of the agreement are still unavailable.

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