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ZeptoLab opens new London office

Cut The Rope developer seeking further investment

ZeptoLab, developer of the successful iOS game Cut The Rope, has created a new London branch, headed up by Zuy Spartak.

Russian company ZeptoLab previously collaborated with EA publisher Chillingo to launch Cut The Rope, but its latest title, Cut The Rope: Experiment, is listed as published by ZeptoLab UK.

Chillingo spokesman Daniel Tausney confirmed to Develop that the two companies are continuing to work together on the brand.

"Both Chillingo and ZeptoLab will continue to bring new content and updates to the original version of the game in the future. Our partnership is still going strong."

ZeptoLab is also reported to be looking for new investors after recently securing funds from Kite Ventures.

The original Cut The Rope was published on both iOS and more recently Android, racking up 45 million downloads and 9 million sales.

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