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Ex Gameforge CEO opens new mobile studio

Klaas Kersting founds Flaregames in Germany

Former Gameforge CEO Klaas Kersting today launched a new mobile studio, Flaregames, in Karlsruhe, Germany.

"Flaregames’ vision is to create outstanding mobile games that involve the real world and feature deeper interaction than simple check-ins,” said Kersting, CEO.

"We see our games as the fusion of the real world and virtual world while delivering an entertaining experience woven into the daily routine of our players’ lives."

Flaregames will reveal it's first project at Gamescom in August.

Previously Kersting founded Gameforge, a developer and publisher that specialised in browser based gaming and has around 200 million registered users.

Joining Kersting at Flaregames is Andreas Suika, formerly of Ubisoft Blue Byte, has taken the role of creative director. Bob Wallace of Ensemble Studios is serving as a consultant to the company, and Georg Broxtermann takes the role of business development director.

The studio is currently recruiting.

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