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GameSpot to host OnLive game demos

Agreement will see playable games alongside website content

GameSpot has signed a deal with OnLive to host streamed demos of games on its website, featuring the almost instant feature on game pages alongside review and other media content.

To mirror that side of the deal, OnLive's platform will feature GameSpot content such as reviews and interviews to aid customers in buying choices.

"For as long as video games have existed, consumers have sought out information that helps them make smart purchases and get the most out of their gaming experience," said Simon Whitcombe, of GamesSpot's parent company CBS Interactive.

"Now, the next big innovation is here: merging the editorial with the experiential. By making demos available from our game pages, GameSpot is now the ultimate one-stop destination for gamers to read reviews, news, watch videos, and actually try out the latest games."

Over 100 game demos will be available via the service, which has not yet been given an official launch date. OnLive launches in the UK on September 22, at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court.

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