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Medal winners named at Serious Play Conference

Air Medic Sky One named Best Of Show at annual awards ceremony

The Serious Play Conference has awarded medals to 20 serious games at its annual awards.

Air Medic Sky One, a medical training simulation designed by the University Medical Centre Utrecht, was named Best Of Show in a ceremony held at the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Submissions were received from educational institutions, development studios and commercial organisations. The 20 medal winners are listed below.

  • Gold Medal Winners
  • Air Medic Sky One, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Aircraft Marshalling Virtual Trainer, Heartwood Inc.
  • Gamestar Mechanic, E-Line Media
  • RoboMath, Project Whitecard Inc.
  • Motion Math HD, Motion Math
  • RiggleFish, Texas A&M University
  • Silver Medal Winners
  • McGraw-Hill Education Practice Marketing, McGraw-Hill Education International and Muzzy Lane SW
  • Fate of the World, Red Redemption Ltd.
  • Play True Challenge, World Anti-Doping Agency
  • SpaceChem, Zachtronics Industries
  • Emergency Birth, Engender Games Group Lab - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Treadsylvania, New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab
  • Bronze Medal Winners
  • Distraction Dodger, Web Courseworks
  • MiddWorld Online Language Roleplay Game, Middlebury Interactive Languages and Muzzy Lane SW
  • Waterkeeper, First Nations Education Steering Committee
  • Game for Science, CREO
  • Primaires à gauche, Le Monde
  • Virulent, Morgridge Institute for Research
  • International Racing Squirrels, Playniacs
  • Devil's Advocate, UCF Retro Lab

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