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New indie studio launches in Florida

Viking title to be Runic Raven Entertainment's first project

A new independent studio, Runic Raven Entertainment, has launched in Tallahassee, Florida.

"Runic Raven Entertainment, is an independent game development studio founded by a variety of professional individuals from different multi-media backgrounds," said founder Joshua Wordlaw

"Created by gamers for gamers, Runic Raven Entertainment is a new game development studio firmly focused on bringing enjoyable, affordable, games to the community."

The team's first project is a Viking RPG for PC and Xbox 360 Arcade, and is due for release in 2012. The company is currently hiring programmers for a game that will be use the Unreal Development Kit engine.

The company recently expressed its sadness over the Norwegian terror attacks on Twitter, and promised to contribute on the release of the game.

"Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Norway. We are going to donate part of the proceeds of our first title to help the families of the senseless violence in that land."

Before founding Runic Raven Entertainment, Wordlaw was a senior editor and media manager with WTXL-TV.

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