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i-Jet Media launches social dev platform

i-Jet Connect will help devs manage games across a range of networks worldwide

The Russian company i-Jet Media is launching i-Jet Connect, a new technological platform for social games.

i-Jet Media's portfolio of games has a global audience of 70 million users across more than 30 social networks.

The company believes that the future of the social market will not be dominated by Facebook, and i-Jet Connect is built to help developers manage their games across a range of different social networks worldwide.

It will allow developers to publish and distribute their games, build traffic for them, and promote them using an integrated network. It will also offer localisation services in 23 languages.

"i-Jet Connect is a cutting-edge and unique technology platform targeted at today's social games market," said i-Jet Media CEO and co-founder Alexey Kostarev.

"It combines separate solutions within a single platform. From now on, game developers will be able to manage their products on dozens and soon hundreds of social networks across the world."

Facebook's primacy as a social gaming platform is facing growing competition from Asian services like TenCent, and from Google's new Google+ service.

The company is inviting social developers to join a closed beta test that will finish in November. To register, click here.

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