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MMO publisher Outspark hires new CTO

Mark Platosh will manage infrastructure and platform development

Outspark has appointed Mark Platosh as its new chief technology officer, an industry veteran with 16 years of experience in technology systems.

The news comes just three days after Outspark appointed a new CEO, in the form of Philip Yun.

"Outspark has seen the dawn before its competitors and is perfectly positioned to benefit from the coming paradigm shift in the free-to-play MMO space," said Platosh of his new company.

"Becoming part of the leadership team enables me to leverage my skills across all the company’s departments, and will help Outspark remain a dominant player. The development of the FLINT platform was a prescient decision that will open a world of opportunities for both Outspark and Game Developers alike. We will continue to work with studios releasing games, and evolving the platform over time."

Platosh's career history includes positions with Reality Simulation Systems and MAven, as well as building systems for internet giants like Facebook, eBay and Skpe.

"As we grow into our new role as a world leader in the publishing, distribution and operation of online games, Mark will play a key role in determining and orchestrating the best technology to help us achieve our goals," said Yun.

"We’re confident in his approach to providing the best infrastructure that will enable us to continue growing at a rapid pace while we define what’s next in free-to-play."

As his appointment was announced Yun took the opportunity to reassure customers and partners.

"Nothing is changing for the company, which is still focused on the mid-core gaming business. This is a management change and we are still expanding to third party game makers and pursuing the free-to-play game business."

Outspark publishes a number of free to play MMOs like Lord Of Ages and Divine Souls.

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