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Microsoft building App Store for Windows 8

Blog post shows three teams working on App Store and the app experience

The new iteration of Microsoft's Windows operating system will have a custom App Store.

A post on the Microsoft Developer Network blog lists all of the teams currently at work on Windows 8 features. The list includes App Store, App Compatibility and Device Compatibility, and App Experience.

"You can look at all the comments and see the incredible demand for new features across a very wide range of scenarios," the post reads.

"Folks want new things, and changes to existing things; they want features to be available globally, to be accessible, and to be super high quality; they want things to work on existing hardware, and to take advantage of the latest new hardware. Our job is to get as much done in as short a time as possible, at a very significant scale."

There are currently 35 Windows 8 feature teams - some of which are outside the US - with between 25 and 40 developers working in each one.

Apple has experienced great success from its App Store, with more than 15 billion apps downloaded since its launch three years ago.

In July, rumours surfaced suggesting that Windows 8 will be the last Microsoft Windows OS. The company allegedly wants to introduce a new operating system that will be common across PCs, mobile phones, consoles, and even televisions.

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