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Trion Worlds hires Microsoft Game Studios veteran

David Luehmann joins MMO publisher as vice president of third party development

Rift developer Trion Worlds has appointed David Luehmann as vice president of third-party development.

Luehmann has worked in the games industry for almost 25 years. Before joining Trion, Luehmann served as general manager of Microsoft Game Studios for 12 years, where he oversaw the production of games like Age Of Empire and Halo Wars.

"We are proud to welcome Dave into his role as head of third party development," said Trion's senior vice president of development Nicholas Beliaef.

"At Trion, we are building a groundbreaking program for the online space that will allow partners from around the world to leverage our exceptional publishing and platform capabilities. This program is another step in realizing our desire to be the definitive premium online games company."

Luehmann will be in charge of a scouting team with a goal of finding online developers with projects that depart from the template established by World Of Warcraft.

The first game under Trion's third-party programme, Petroglyph's End Of Nations, is scheduled for release later this year.

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