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CrowdStar launches It Girl in Russia

Social games developer initiates global expansion plans

Social games developer CrowdStar has launched its popular title It Girl in Russia, marking the start of its global expansion plans.

"Having lived in Russia, it’s a pleasure to see It Girl go live there where these three networks have most of the social network market share," said CrowdStar founder Suren Markosian.

The game is currently live on Russian social networking site Odnoklassniki.ru, and will appear on Vkontakte.ru, and Mail.ru by the end of September.

Russian distributer 101XP has worked with CrowdStar to facilitate the launches.

"We found an excellent market and partners in Russia to globalise It Girl," said CrowdStar's head of global business development Ian Sherbin.

"We are pleased with the initial launch results that our Russian distribution partner 101XP has achieved for us."

Last month CrowdStar announced plans to invest $10 million in social and mobile gaming.

CrowdStar's social games, including Happy Aquarium and Happy Island, have around 25 million monthly active users, and the company appointed 75 new employees, bring the team numbers to 140. CrowdStar is currently recruiting.

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