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ngmoco appoints TV exec as COO

Joanna Drake Early arrives from user-controlled TV network Current TV

The mobile publisher and developer ngmoco has hired former TV exec Joanna Drake Earl as its new COO.

Earl was previously at Current TV, a network co-founded by former US vice president Al Gore, where programming was decided in part by the votes of registered users.

She served as chief strategy and operations officer, presiding over a number of aspects of the business, including distribution, marketing, business development and digital products.

Prior to Current TV, Earl also held executive roles at MOXI and ReacTV.

"I'm excited to help shape the future of mobile entertainment with ngmoco," Earl said in a statement.

"Games are only the beginning. We're just starting to harness what's possible for a truly mobile entertainment network and Mobage is a bold step into the future of how consumers will discover, share and interact with content around the world."

"Joanna brings a career's worth of experience at the crossroads of new media and technology to ngmoco," added CEO Neil Young. "Her transformative work in architecting and managing participatory media platforms at Current TV will be central to bringing the Mobage mobile entertainment network to life around the world."

After being one of the prime movers in the emerging mobile games market, ngmoco was acquired by the Japanese online publisher DeNA.

Since then, the company has been engaged with rolling out the Mobage mobile social network worldwide, launching in English-speaking countries in July.

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