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AppyNation collective studios revealed

Consortium also has backing of TIGA, UKIE and NESTA, Andy Payne a stakeholder

The six studios that form the AppyNation consortium have been revealed as Finblade, Proper Games, Niffler, Onteca, Supersonic and Lightning Fish.

Andy Payne, UKIE's chairman, is also a stakeholder. He spoke about AppyNation, which plans to market apps and digital games directly to consumers, at the Scottish Enterprise event Business Success: The Collaborative Solution in Glasgow yesterday.

"We want to do things a bit differently at AppyNation," Payne told "Founding principles are geared around collaboration and co-operation amongst smaller companies, micro companies even. We want to learn new ways of working, try different things and then share the techniques, knowledge and experience to others. Key for us is to innovate and adapt.

After years of experiencing what happens when you try and control and guard ideas and technology, all of our stakeholders want to embrace this new and fresh approach. In so doing we hope to break out of traditional development & publishing models and build our own publisher with meaning, scale, value & brand and a vibrant community. Key for us is to collaborate, share knowledge & technology with other members of the consortium and beyond as we hope to be able to offer our services to fellow games and App developers."

The report from, published photos from the event revealing the studio names, and also suggested that AppyNation, will launch in a few months.

Each of the six studios has invested money into the collective, and TIGA, UKIE and investment group NESTA are also supporting the scheme.

The scheme was announced in November last year, and received praise from Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey.

"Creative and innovative ways of working are exactly what the games industry needs to grow. By bringing companies together through this new initiative NESTA is helping developers get the most out of their Intellectual Property."

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