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OpenFeint introduces single sign-on for iOS

Will offer developers similar benefits to Apple's soon defunct UDID

Mobile gaming network OpenFeint is launching a single sign-on system for social developers on iOS.

OpenFeint's OFUID is intended to replace Apple's UDID, which the company intends to phase out with the introduction of iOS5.

UDID afforded developers a range of benefits, like accessing a user's history, tracking their behaviour, and offering cross promotions. OFUID will carry similar benefits, and remove the need to create proprietary solutions.

"With the deprecation of UDID, social game developers need access to a universal method for identifying and delivering services to their users," said OpenFeint founder and CEO Jason Citron.

"Available to 115 million gamers at launch, OFUID will offer that reach and improve on it by giving users a way to share information with game developers, if they so choose."

OpenFeint will also introduce a supplementary programme that guarantees participating developers 1.5 new installs for every install of Game Channel - an app required for users who wish to enjoy the benefits of the single sign-on.

"Sign-on with OFUID is incredibly flexible and has been designed to reduce sign up friction for games," said added senior vice president of product Ethan Fassett.

"Developers will be able to make sign-on optional at first launch and can display it later if they choose. Game developers will also be able to incentivise the sign-on process, offering users rewards for signing in or setting up accounts."

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