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Gree and Tencent sign mobile compatibility deal

Online companies to standardise gaming platforms

Japanese social network Gree has announced a new partnership with Chinese service provider to make their gaming platforms compatible.

Tencent's Wireless Open Platform For Community and the Gree Platform will be standardised to make it easier for developers to deliver content to gamers in China and Japan.

The Taito Corporation has already revealed it will publish Spy Wars for the platforms this autumn, while Tecmo Koei will release My Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Successful Tencent developer Beijing Moca World Technology Co Ltd also plans to release a social game for the services.

Gree also announced a new deal with mobile publisher UltiZen Games, who will provide content for the social network.

Gree is Japan's largest social network with over 26 million users. In April the company acquired OpenFeint as part of its global expansion plans.

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