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Roll7 hands off Laser League to 505 Games

All future development and continued support to be handled by the game's publisher

Roll7 has handed off development of its recently-released competitive sport game, Laser League, to publisher 505 Games. The developer did not give a reason for the change, but did say that all further development and continued support of the title will be performed by its publisher.

Laser League released earlier this year as a 2v2 or 3v3 competitive arena game, where players try to tag moving lasers in their team's color and avoid lasers tagged by opponents in an effort to outlast the other team.

"After OlliOlli2 and Not A Hero, we set out to create something far more ambitious than we had ever done before," reads the blog post announcement. "From its humble beginnings as Ultra Neon Tactics, Laser League grew into something we are incredibly proud of and something that our players have found immense enjoyment in over the past seven months and beyond. It's been amazing to see people getting into the game and getting really good with it.

"We can't wait to see where Laser League goes next with 505 Games at the helm and we thank them for their immense support and incubation of this project. At it's heart, we believe Laser League is one of our greatest titles yet and we are excited for what the future holds for it."

The team will be taking some time off, saying that development of such a large game is "super hard and very stressful." However, Roll7 will continue to develop future titles.

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