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Mad Machines to debut as a "First on Discord" game

Rocket League-like robot spike hockey game will be exclusive to Discord at launch

As a part of Discord's move from popular gaming chat program to full-blown game launcher and store, indie studio Hero Blocks is helping the service premiere its "First on Discord" program by releasing its Rocket League-like game, Mad Machines, on the service.

Discord announced its transition to game store earlier this month, and the program is currently undergoing a soft launch beta in Canada.

That soft launch does not include any games in its planned "First on Discord" program, which promotes titles from independent developers that agree to launch exclusive to Discord for a limited period, typically expected to be around 90 days.

PC Gamer reports that Mad Machines has been one of the earliest games announced for the First on Discord program, though it won't be immediately available when the Discord Store goes live. The game is currently in closed alpha and will debut on Discord in early access later this year.

Mad Machines is a 3v3 hockey game (of sorts) where players control robot gladiators in a massive arena, trying to hit a spiked ball into the opponent's goal. Developer Hero Blocks has stated that it will integrate Discord into its game, using the official Discord channel as the game's "primary community hub."

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