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Amazon Prime eliminates 20% discount on game pre-orders

Company also removes ad-free viewing from Twitch Prime

Amazon has made changes to how its Prime memberships work today across both Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime. For the former, it has removed the 20% discount on video game pre-orders for Prime members.

The discount was initially enacted in 2016 as an incentive to sell Prime memberships. At the time, it applied to pre-orders of any game shipped and sold directly from Amazon, including Collector's Editions, but excluding hardware bundles or similar packages. At the time, Prime memberships cost $99 per year, but the price has since gone up to $119.

To replace it, Amazon is offering $10 credit on pre-orders of "select titles." This credit is also only valid for Amazon-shipped and sold items, is only valid for one pre-order per customer per product, and the credit is only valid for 60 days after it is applied.

In addition, Amazon has applied another change, this time for Prime members on Twitch. Amazon Prime members automatically have a Twitch Prime subscription which confers various benefits to Twitch users including, until September 14, ad-free viewing on Twitch.

Ad-free viewing will remain a benefit for Twitch Turbo users paying $8.99 per month. Twitch Prime subscribers can get ad-free viewing on any channel that they subscribe to where the channel has turned on the feature.

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