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Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution has seen $1.3 billion in player spending

Sensor Tower data indicates the importance of the mobile RPG to Netmarble's business

Players of Netmarble's mobile RPG Lineage 2: Revolution have spent more than $1.3 billion across Google Play and the App Store, according to estimates from Sensor Tower.

Lineage 2: Revolution, a mobile spin-off from NCsoft's hugely popular and long-running MMO Lineage II, launched in South Korea in December 2016. It was released worldwide in November of the following year.

Since then, player spending on Google Play and the App Store has topped $1.3 billion, according to Sensor Tower, with Google Play accounting for 64 per cent of total spending.

The biggest single market for Lineage 2: Revolution is Netmarble's home territory of South Korea, which has contributed 57 per cent of the total. Japan is a distant second place, with around 26 per cent of player spending.

Netmarble raised $2.3 billion through an IPO in April 2017, and subsequently pledged to spend as much as $4.4 billion on acquisitions to expand the business - an intent that was already evident from the deal to buy Kabam's Vancouver studio in 2016.

We talked to Netmarble's global head Seungwon Lee in July last year. You can read the interview here.

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