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Vive Wireless Adapter launches next month

$299 peripheral will release September 29; Vive Pro users will need to purchase $60 compatibility pack

The Vive is finally ready to cut the cord. HTC today announced that the Vive Wireless Adapter will launch around the world September 24.

In the US, the device will retail for $299 and works with both the original Vive and the Vive Pro headsets. However, Vive Pro users will need a $60 compatibility pack that includes an attachment device, connection cable, and foam padding specific to the headset. Users will also need to install a PCI-e card and hook up a sensor to their PCs.

Preorders for the Vive will open up September 5. In the US, customers will be able to preorder the device through Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, NewEgg, or straight through

This wireless adapter is different from the TPCAST-produced peripheral that was originally announced in late 2016, with a price point that worked out to about $220 US.

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