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GamesIndustry.biz teams up with PAX West on networking app

We're also at PAX Dev with a workshop

You can now arrange business meetings at PAX West via the new GamesIndustry.biz @ PAX Networking app.

The app is available to download for free right now via the App Store and Google Play, although users need to first sign-up through here.

The app is for use in and around the PAX West venues, which takes place in Seattle between August 31st and September 3rd. We hope to utilise the system at all future PAX events, so stay tuned. Users of the app simply need to swipe on the screen to confirm or reject meetings. More details on how it all works is through here.

GamesIndustry.biz is attending PAX this year via the app and also through a special GamesIndustry.biz Workshop, which takes place at PAX Dev. PAX Dev runs just before PAX West (August 28th - 29th) and our workshop, entitled Make Some Headlines, will be managed by US Editor Brendan Sinclair.

"For years PAX has been uniting the gaming community with each other through the passion of video games," stated the PAX organisers. "Now we have partnered with GamesIndustry.biz to unite the very community responsible for those games. With the PAX App, our goal is bring the industry together to elevate networking by making it seamless and accessible. Now it is easier than ever to plan your show, meet with colleagues, partners, publishers and potential mentors to create the next generation of games."