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Nordisk Film Games invests $5.5m in Raw Fury

Investment firm acquires "healthy-sized" minority stake in Swedish indie publisher

Danish investment firm Norisk Film Games (NFG) has acquired a "healthy-sized" minority stake in indie publisher Raw Fury.

Announced today, NFG was the sole investor in a Series A funding round worth $5.5 million for the Stockholm-based publisher.

Raw Fury will channel the cash injection into increasing production capacity and signing larger projects.

As part of the deal, NFG managing director Mikkel Weider, and senior partner Martin Walfisz will take seats on the board at Raw Fury.

"The team at Raw Fury are so passionate about helping talented indie developers launch great games," said Walfisz.

"We've known the team for a long time, and have been continuously impressed by what they have achieved, both creatively and financially.

"Their approach to games publishing is one-of-a-kind, and we are furiously excited about now being a part of this rare business."

Founded in 1906, Nordisk Film is a leading producer of films in nordic countries, and recently expanded its scope to include games.

In May of this year, it acquired 100 per cent of Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios for $103 million.

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