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Harmonix and NCSoft partner to develop multiplatform title

Rock Band and Lineage developers working on PC, console game still in early stages

What do you get when you cross Rock Band with an MMORPG? Uncertain, but it will soon be apparent what happens when you merge their teams, as Harmonix and NCSoft have partnered to develop a multiplatform game.

The unknown title is still in early development and is slated for release on PC and consoles. It does not yet have a release window or further project details, though it seems the game will involve Harmonix's music licensing talent somehow, as Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak referred to it as a "genre-defining music experience."

NCSoft will publish the title with Harmonix taking the lead on development.

"This partnership is representative of NCSOFT's ambition to reach beyond the PC and mobile MMORPG space with new and innovative titles," said NCSoft president Dr. Songyee Yoon. "Harmonix's decades of expertise at the intersection of music licensing and video game development are second to none, and we can't wait to introduce their upcoming project to the world."

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