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The Treasure Hunters FanClub to fund five new games

Phil Fish, Britt Selvitelle join indie game funding group committed to over $500k in investment

Indie game investment group The Treasure Hunter FanClub has announced its investment in five new independent projects, bringing its overall total committed funding to $500,000. In addition, Fez developer Phil Fish and Twitter founding member Britt Selvitelle have joined the group.

The projects to be funded include survival game Neo Cab, noir adventure Genesis Noir, planet exploration game In Other Waters, solitary farm sim The Stillness of the Wind, and asymmetrical VR multiplayer game Panoptic.

The Treasure Hunters FanClub is a group of seven experienced industry leaders who provide funding and advisement to selected indie projects, which are then released through a partnership with publishing label Fellow Traveler. The group continues to accept pitches for in-development projects.

"I'm so proud to be helping these amazing and diverse teams to bring their visions to life and delighted to welcome Phil, Britt and Jason to the group," said Chris Wright, Managing Director at The Treasure Hunters FanClub. "Developers have responded very positively to our model as an alternative to traditional publishing terms and we hope to grow the group of members to be able to meet the demand from the studios we are talking with."

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