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IGN pulls all of writer's work after plagiarism scandal

Further evidence of former employee's wrong-doing prompts gaming site to scrub him from the archives

Last week, IGN cut ties to its Nintendo editor Filip Miucin after he was accused of plagiarizing substantial portions of his review for the game Dead Cells from YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming. This week, it is scrubbing virtually all of Miucin's articles from the site.

IGN editorial manager Justin Davis confirmed the move in a pair of posts on Twitter last night.

"Deeply disappointed and upset that it's looking more and more likely that we unwittingly hosted work that was directly lifted from or at best heavily derived from others," Davis said. "I assure you we are taking very active steps to remove it all, and make it right. I feel betrayed.

"To those asking - All of the author's scripted bylined content is being proactively removed for now, regardless of whether it was found to have an issue. Some of it may be restored later, some important coverage may be redone by other writers, and much of it will remain offline."

In the week since Miucin's firing, numerous accusations of plagiarism have come to light focusing on content he produced both before and during his time at IGN. (Miucin joined IGN last October, and had run his own YouTube since late 2016.) Those have included speculation on his YouTube channel about how the Nintendo Switch's HD rumble works, as well as coverage for Bayonetta 2 and Octopath Traveler.

IGN has already posted a re-review of Dead Cells written by Brandin Tyrrel.

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