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Irem pulling games from PSN

Japanese publisher also withdraws from Home

Japanese publisher Irem, which owns the IP for arcade shoot-em-up R-Type, has announced that it will pull a number of its games from PSN on August 11, as well as removing all themes and wallpapers relating to the titles.

The company's Home presence will also be largely closed down from September 1, although a couple of areas will remain.

The games affected are:

  • R-Type Tactics (PSP)
  • Mousukesu based on Carton-kun (PSP)
  • Bumpy Trott Beagle Battle Tournament (PSP)
  • Ikuze! Gensan Yuyake Daikou Monogatari (PSP)
  • R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate (PSP)
  • Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Ran (PSP)
  • Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Dairan (PSP)
  • Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Story of the Sun and Moon (PSP)
  • R-Types (Game Archives)
  • R-Type Delta (Game Archives)
  • Gussun Paradise (Game Archives)
  • Irem Arcade Classics (Game Archives)

Influential ex-Irem developer Kazuma Kujo left the company in May to form Granzella, a new studio in central Japan, taking a number of staff with him.

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