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Over $400,000 already raised by Humble Bundle 3

More than 80,000 copies of latest charity funding pack sold

The latest Humble Bundle, a collection of indie games packaged as a limited-time offer which customers set the price for, has sold over 80,000 copies and made more than $400,000 since going on sale yesterday.

Included in the bundle are Crayon Physics Deluxe, VVVVVV, And Yet It Moves, Hammerfight and Cogs. All revenues from the games are split between the developers, organisers and two charities: Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, according to ratios set by each buyer. Whilst the organisers of the program don't publish the figures on that revenue split, the statistics which they do make public make interesting reading.

For example, the average price paid for the bundle is $4.70. However, whilst Windows users are currently averaging $3.83 per purchase, Mac users pay an average of $6.13 with Linux users splashing out $10.80 per buy. Windows remains the most popular platform for downloads.

Also published is a list if the top ten prices paid, up the the maximum of $6000. Currently in the number one spot is Minecraft developer Notch, who contributed $4,048.00 for his copies of the games.

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