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Tablets whetting public appetite for gaming?

New survey indicates that tablet owners now more inclined to buy alternative gaming devices

The growing popularity of tablet computers isn’t necessarily a threat to more established gaming devices, according to a new survey from Resolve Market Research.

The data, which was obtained by IndustryGamers, confirms the primacy of gaming on tablets, but suggests that it is whetting the public’s appetite rather than satiating it.

When asked about which device they wouldn’t buy after purchasing an iPad in 2010, 38 percent responded “portable gaming device” and 27 percent responded “console”. This year, those numbers fell to 26 percent and 14 percent respectively.

The most significant negative impact was on potential purchases of laptops and netbooks: 42 percent of those surveyed would not buy one after using a tablet, up 10 percent from last year, and 58 percent prefer tablets as a device for gaming.

Significantly, 33 percent of people admit to playing more games since they bought a tablet computer, and 13 percent said they play games significantly more.

The news will be warmly received by traditional hardware manufacturers, and particularly Nintendo. The 3DS has faltered in terms of sales, and many have attributed this, at least in part, to the popularity of gaming on iOS devices.

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