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Outspark launches free-to-play MMO platform

Flint will provide support for third-party titles and browser-based games

Free-to-play MMO developer and publisher Outspark has announced Flint, a new publishing platform for third-party MMOs and browser-based games.

Flint will offer third-party developers and operators assistance with distribution, audience growth, analytics, marketing and monetisation. The first game to go live on the service is Aeria Games' Lord Of Ages, which was launched last week.

"We've spent almost five years carefully creating the modules and building the tools that have come together as Flint, and will enable MMO developers and publishers around the world to use our platform, said Outspark CEO Susan Chloe in a statement."

"With our recent move into publishing third-party titles, web-based MMOs and our growing reach through distribution partnerships, we intend to make Flint the best platform for online game distribution and operation."

Flint will be in direct competition with a growing number of similar services, including Steam and Origin, but Outspark believes that third-party games published through Flint could grow its reach to more than 200 million.

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