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New managing director for Icon Games

Claire Hill will lead independent developer and publisher as it moves towards PlayStation Vita and 3DS

Icon Games, publisher of Bashi Blocks and the Arcade Sports series, has announced that Claire Hill has joined the team as managing director.

“I am delighted that Claire has taken on the role of Managing Director as she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a keen eye for commercial and business development" said Icon's head of development Richard Hill-Whittall.

"Claire will help us to build up our digital publishing business and expand onto new platforms including PSVita and 3DS.”

Hill had previously founded Graphic State Ltd with Hill-Whittall in 1997, producing games like Crazy Taxi and Star X for the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Publishing partners included Midway and THQ. She also has a background in finance, thanks to time spent in a management role with American Express.

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