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Duke Nukem sales estimates lowered on poor reviews

But LA Noire's go up after it ships 4 million

Financial analyst firm Wedbush has reported that Duke Nukem Forever's poor critical reception has led it to reduce its Q1 sell-in estimate from 3 million units to 1.5 million.

The report cites the shooter's low Metacritic score of 49, expecting this to reduce its appeal to consumers and so damage sales. Wedbush had previously expected the Take-Two shooter to be one of 2011's biggest sellers.

The bad news for Take-Two was somewhat offset by a positive change in the estimates for detective game LA Noire, for which Wedbush has raised its sales estimates. Following news that Take-Two had shipped 4 million units, Wedbush now estimates a sell-in total of 4 million units, an increase from the previous 3.5 million.

The performance of both games has also affected estimates of Take-Two's revenue, which Wedbush now predicts to be $350 million, down from $375 million.

The report also interpreted recent extensions to developer Rockstar's employee contracts as a sign that Grand Theft Auto will be released at the end of 2012.

In June Take-Two share prices fell by more than 15 per cent after slow sales for LA Noire and poor scores for Duke Nukem Forever.

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