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Channel 5 reprimanded for PlayStation 3 adverts

Ofcom deems PS3 ads "excessively noisy" after complaints

Complaints about PlayStation 3 adverts that accompanied films on Channel 5, 5* and Five USA have led Ofcom to rule they were "excessively noisy."

The adverts ran between February 3 and March 15, and received a total of 17 complaints, which said the sponsorship segments were broadcasted at a higher volume than the actual films being shown.

This is a breach of the the broadcasting watchdog's guidelines.

"Advertisements must not be excessively noisy or strident. The maximum subjective loudness of advertisements must be consistent and in line with the maximum loudness of programmes and junction material."

"Broadcasters must endeavour to minimise the annoyance that perceived imbalances could cause, with the aim that the audience need not adjust the volume of their television sets during programme breaks."

The ruling also reported that Channel 5 is "upgrading transmission facilities" to prevent it happening again.

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