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German censor passes uncut Gears 3

BPJM allows third instalment after questioning first and second

German censor BPJM has passed Gears of War 3 with no cuts, censorship or changes to blood colour - a curious u-turn from the body's position on the first two titles in the series.

German versions of the game will be identical to those sold in the US and the UK, Eurogamer reports.

Both Gears of War 1 and 2 are covered by a 'List A' classification in Germany, which means that whilst it's not illegal to sell them, any copies have to be kept out of sight in shops and all advertising and marketing is forbidden.

In practice, as all large-scale retailers steer clear of games issued a List A classification, this means that sales are minimised. Any games covered by the more stringent List B classification are subject to more scrutiny and can be potentially confiscated.

No particular reasoning was given for the change of heart, despite the game featuring the same chainsaw kills, gory 'stomping' and eviscerations as the previous titles. A BPJM representative said that the body saw no "relevance for a ban" of Gears 3 in the territory.

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